Vinyl BannersA custom banner can have a big impact on the overall look of your message. This is a great way to create a professional looking message without having to resort to expensive advertising alternatives.

Quality Print

High resolution digitally printed


Waterproof and UV safe for outdoor installations,
Windslits available for increased lifetime

Additional Options

Optional double sided will be back to back sew together


Hem & Grommet
Our banners have top-of-the-line machines stitched hems and corners for maximum strength and durability.

D-Rings are sewn to the webbing in the banner to ensure that in extreme weather the entire banner moves and the corners do not take all the stress.

Reinforced Corner
Reinforced corners are made of 13 oz vinyl banner material that is reinforced with 1 3/16″ PVC coated webbing to increase the strength. The material is cut into a triangle and added to each of the corners of the banner on the backside. The corners provide extra strength for the banner.

Rope Sewn
You can sew a length of rope into the hem of the banner and use the rope to hang the banner from objects in the area without damaging anything.

A great thing about Velcro is the ability they provide to quickly install and remove graphic images. Velcro can withstand a lot of weight and can easily be cut to the size you need to safely secure your banner.

Pole pocket Banners are much like Light Pole Banners in that they have special “sleeves” created to be hung on poles, PVC piping, or rods, etc.

Webbing is made of tightly-woven polyester. 2” webbing has 2,900 lbs of tensile strength. The webbing is sewn into the hems of banners to prevent grommets from ripping out in extreme weather.

Wind Vent
It is slit cut into the banner with the intent of giving the wind a way to blow through the banner and reduce the stress on the banner or on how the banner is installed.


Let’s Go!

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